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Weekly features such as Lounge and Mint on Sunday

Lounge is a magazine-style supplement that focuses on the arts, food, culture, fashion, sports and music. Mint on Sunday includes such weekly features as "The Big Picture," a comics-format omnibus by an array of contributors; "Big Story," about the entertainment world and the like.

Newsletter subscription

You can subscribe to the Mint daily newsletter and stay updated with unrivalled coverage for news, information and analysis.

Notification hub

Notification hub is an inbox for your notifications and provides you an overview of alerts received during the day in a single place.


Get the latest news on Stock Market prices, Day’s Top Gainers and Losers, Mint 50 Best Funds, Forex rates and much more with this new Markets feature.


Get the latest trending news and highlights covering Enterprise Tech, Gadgets, Apps, Tech reviews and much more

In-app search functionality

In-app search is a reliable way to locate your content or information within the app.

Floating Share Button

Let’s you share the news story without having the need to scroll up or down


Watch online coverage of latest news, analysis and opinion from the world of business and finance


Develop greater appetite for news with related stories slideshow to choose from


Get to read informative and in-depth expert views of the distinguished panel of columnists from Livemint


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